Choosing your builder

Firstly decide if you want a custom home built entirely to your own specification or a tract home built to pre approved designs within a dedicated construction site at specific locations.

Custom Home Builder

Generally these builders will concentrate on one or two custom homes at the same time to be flexible with the tradesmen keeping them working on their projects so that there are no delays while waiting for them to become free. Reputation goes a long way with custom builders because if they can build on time, within budget and to the clients specification the home will be a standing commercial for them. A good custom home builder will use the same trusted tradesmen on various projects and will ensure the quality control is maintained.

Tract home builder

Generally these builders have purchased large plots of land for multifamily home development. The planning and zoning would have been approved within strict requirements to the local county. Options to change from the designs are restricted to a number of exterior pre approved designs to internal floor plans, bonus rooms and closets. Internal finishes to the property can be basic or upgraded.

Builder Financing or Independent Financing?

Most tract home builders will offer financing together with incentives to use their lenders. Any discounts or incentives can also be negotiated even if you don’t utilize their mortgage services. Using a reputable independent lender and becoming pre approved for your loan will add to your negotiations and speed up the process.

In any type of construction it is important that you are fully advised of the construction materials, energy consumption and warranties prior to the contract so that you can determine future costs and resale advantages. On commencement of construction it is important you keep up to date of progress with periodic inspections of the construction process. When I represent a buyer I always attend regular inspections with the buyer to review any possible problems or delays.

As a buyers Realtor my services are absolutely FREE, many buyers are unaware that all builders have an allowance set aside for the buyers representative and if the buyer does not use a Realtor that becomes a bonus to the builder.

My buyer’s representation includes

  • Review with buyers construction plans
  • Review with buyers the sale contract
  • Negotiations with builder the contract
  • Accompany buyers on inspections
  • Accompany buyers on final walk through

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